Truck Parking Reservations Adds First Overnight and Monthly Parking in Los Angeles

Heliosphere Truck Stop announces the addition of Truck Parking Reservations as a parking reservation solution at their new truck parking facility.

Heliosphere Truck Stop parking is located north of Los Angles, an area of the country that is considered in a “truck parking crisis”. Heliosphere is four miles off I-5 off the Osburn Street Exit and proceed to 2437 Airpark Way.

The 30 truck parking space overnight and monthly truck parking facility provides fenced, lit, gated with 24/7 camera surveillance. The facility has a manned guard shack and restroom faculties. Truck maintenance and a mechanical assistance shop is onsite. There is no fueling at this location.

Heliosphere Truck Stop will soon add the ability to pay to reserve space for three, six, twelve or 24 hours.

Reservations for Heliosphere can be made by visiting the Truck Parking Reservations website or click here to reserve now. A confirmation text will be sent and when you arrive a guard will direct you to your parking space.

The Truck Parking Reservations team and our trucking advisory group are committed to finding safe and secure truck parking spaces for the trucking industry while providing a platform that allows a property owner the ability to add an “unfound” revenue stream to their business.


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