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“Truck Parking Reservations”


Simple to register your property or facility to begin working with customers in need of parking. 

continuous growth

The Truck Parking Reservations brand grew from “reserve 24-7” and is expanding every day across the American Landscape.

reservation app

Our Reservation System is built on a strong Native Mobile App supported by behind the scenes web application.

Truck Parking Reservations, previously “Reserve24-7”, has been nothing more than a dream, until now. Over the last decade trucking and logistics company executives, and experts alike, have ranked the lack of available truck parking as being at a crisis stage, among their top five concerns. The Truck Parking crisis has been historically discussed and argued in boardrooms, public opinion panels, and government institutions, both at the state and federal levels.

Introducing “Truck Parking Reservations”. Made up of a small band of logistics and trucking industry experts, we are the mavericks that recognized Truck Parking was a crisis and that it needed more than fancy technology apps and streamlined software to create an actual hard currency called “A Parking Space”. With over thirty years of industry experience, and hard built relationships with industry giants and government officials, we have brought together drivers, law makers, trucking company executives, truck stop owners, and parking experts in an attempt to create a real solution to the Truck Parking Crisis and the need for a Reservations solution.

The True Truck Parking Crisis Reservation Solution

1.5 Million Trucks

Trucks Looking for Parking Every Night

300,000 Potential Spaces

Total Available Parking Spaces Every Night

Every Single Person

Who Are Effected By Truck Parking

No more the need to hope and wish that there will be truck parking available when you get into town.
You Can have your spot Reserved today!

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