Three Gated, Lit and Fenced, Overnight and Monthly Truck Parking lots in Chicagoland

Truck Parking Near Me today announced the opening of overnight and monthly truck parking for commercial trucks in Gary, Indiana and Chicago Illinois.

Truck Parking Near Me surveyed and determined that the Chicagoland/Gary area is in the top 5 areas of the country that over night truck parking is at a crisis level. “Our survey’s of major trucking companies and over the road drivers confirm that there is a need beyond crisis levels within a 40 mile radius of the Chicago land area and we have chosen to expand here, where the need is the greatest” says Bellrose Partners, Mike Sicuro. Sicuro went on to say, “In 2017, the Indiana DOT reported that near 38,000 trucks traveled daily near our I-94 location and the same year the Illinois DOT reported that 6,000 trucks used the I-290 daily near our Bellwood, IL/Chicago parking location, this information was influential in our decision to build truck parking in the area to accommodate the over night parking need.”

In the same report, the US DOT analysis of the area estimated that the Illinois and Indiana portions of the Chicago Metropolitan Area (includes Gary IN) shipped and received about 427 million tons of freight worth $723 billion via truck in 2017.

Resent surveys by the American Transportation Research Institute reports that the average over the road driver spends over 1 hour a day searching for over night parking. This translates into $5000 a year in lose revenue for the over the road driver. Take $5000 per trucker per year, with 48% of 1.9 million long haul truck driver losing 1 hour of driving time, this number translates into almost $5 billion per year, which is the 0.5% of the total transportation cost across the United States.

Sicuro added, “ has strategically found parking to meet the demands of the trucking industry and will be looking for other opportunities outside the Chicagoland area to expand and we will certainly be utilizing the Truck Parking Reservations platform as a tool for reservations.”

The Gary, IN parking facility is located at 1500 N Colfax Ave and is a short 6-minute drive from I-94, North of the Pilot Truck Stop and 5-minutes from State Road 912 South. A truck needing to get downtown Chicago for a pick up or delivery, the Colfax location is 40 minutes from downtown Chicago. The parking lot is lighted, gated and requires a reservation.

The two Chicago parking facility are near Chicago/O’Hare at 220 N 25th Ave, Bellwood, IL and 115 Thorndale Ave, Wood Dale, IL. Like the Gary location, requires a reservation. All locations are gated, fenced, lit and requires a parking reservation from the web site or visit

About Truck Parking Near Me. Truck Parking Near Me is adding parking facilities throughout the Gary and Chicago area with a priority on locations close to shippers and where it is often most difficult for truckers and trucking companies to find over night parking.

Truck Parking Near Me has served the Chicago area with monthly truck parking for over a decade.

About Truck Parking Reservations:

Truck Parking Reservations, formerly known as Reserve 24-7, provides a truck driver, truck manager or trucking company owner an easy to use parking reservation and pay experience; the parking facility a low-cost technology reservation management solution that maximizes a revenue stream by way of utilizing paid truck parking spaces.



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